FES Research

The University of Reading are working on a research project attempting to improve bone density in people with spinal cord injury using FES. A single SCI participant will receive FES training to improve muscle strength in the lower limbs, progressing to FES standing. Once FES stance can be maintained, FES will be used to produce weight-shifting from foot to foot movements during stance. While these movements take place body positioning and forces applied to the ground through the participant’s feet will be measured. From these measurements it is possible to calculate the forces through the bone, establishing if these FES movements meet the 1.5x bodyweight needed to elicit bone adaptations.
If forces are found to be suitable to elicit bone adaptations, a long-term study is planned. In this study participants will complete a long-term FES training program. DEXA scans will be used to assess changes in bone mineral density.

Categories Health Fitness and well-being

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